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Our Vision For India

We are extremely excited to launch Emma in India. We aim to bring our globally awarded cutting-edge sleep technology to Indian sleepers.

Sleep for all

Beyond the feeling during the day, the immune system, learning ability and emotional health are impacted. For this, we design products that go beyond ergonomics. To allow everyone to access a restful sleep, we design our products to suit a maximum of morphology.

Make sleep accessible

Originally, Emma was born from the observation that the mattress industry lacks ease and accessibility. This is how two friends, Dennis Schmoltzi and Manuel Müller, decided to revolutionize the world of bedding, putting the improvement of life in the broad sense at the heart of their mission. But their ambition does not stop there. Emma's philosophy is that of sleep for all. By understanding the importance of daily recovery, Emma wants to offer a complete range of products and services that meet everyone's needs for peaceful sleep.

Fast and free delivery service

It's also quite a challenge to transport a mattress home. Fortunately, Emma thought of it with her mattress delivered in a box. So you can easily order the mattress online and transport it to your room without much effort. In this way, Emma not only provides a good mattress, but also an ideal service!.

Innovation as a driving force

Emma also carries innovative DNA and conducts in-house research to develop superior products that combine science and technology. All this takes place in its sleep lab in Frankfurt, the heart of innovation in Europe. Engineers and sleep professionals work hand in hand and bring innovative products to the world to improve the daily lives of its customers.