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At Emma, we believe that everyone deserves good sleep. With what we have learned through millions of tests in our Sleep Lab, we aim to help you on your journey to a better night’s sleep – as backed by science.

With our mission in mind, all articles are validated and fact-checked by sleep experts in the field, such as our in-house sleep researchers with background in orthopedics and neuroscience.

Our reviews and comparisons are based on industry standard tests conducted at our state-of-the-art testing facility located in Frankfurt, Germany.


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Ordinary Mattress

Ordinary Mattress

Emma Mattress

Emma Mattress

4 inches
8 inches for optimal sleep
Outer Cover
Toxic dyes
No temparature regulation
Unsuitable for infants
Anti-allergic fabric
Breathable cover for temperature regulation
Suitable for infants
Sponge-like foam
Cheap Coir, Rebonded Foam & Fillers
Sub-standard manufacturing methods
Layers of Airgocell® and HRX® foam for additional
breathability and a hug-like sleep experience
manufactured to meet CertiPur USA standards
Orthopedic Benefits
Zero orthopedic benefits
HALO® foam for spine alignment
Test Results
No research or scientific manufacturing methods
Continuous innovation & R&D resulting in 75+ global awards
Inflated prices due to approx. 40% dealer margins
You only pay for our High-Tech mattress. We ship it straight to your doorstep with easy returns
Minimal liability on the dealer/manufacturer
We take responsibility of our products for 12 years
You have 10 minutes in store to try the product
Try the mattress for 100 nights and no questions asked returns if you don't like it
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