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We brought together an expert team of product engineers, materials specialists, neuroscientists and orthopedic doctors to design a mattress that it good for you in the long term and provides ultimate comfort in the short term.
We undertake extensive R&D in our development lab in Frankfurt, Germany to make sure that every new mattress we introduce provides restful sleep.

Adapted to Indian Sleep Patterns

A study across 1500 Indian consumers gave us great insight into Indian sleeping preferences. Our products in India reflect the same in terms of the high durability materials used and the firmness index of the mattresses and pillows. In order to achieve our global benchmark in sleep quality, we infused our products with cooling gel granules to combat the typically warm climates in India.

Designed to last a Lifetime

We test our mattresses extensively under extreme point loads, impact loads and shear stresses to make sure that they last for a very long time. This enables us to provide a 15 year replacement warranty for every Emma that you get.

Our state-of-the -art test labs in Frankfurt are capable of simulating long sleep tests for over 12,000 cycles, that is approximately 33 years on a mattress!

Emma’s industry leading sleep innovation has resulted in award-winning technologies that help our customers sleep comfortably across 33+ countries

Airgocell™ is a path-breaking innovation in sleep science. It is a foam that breathes more than any other. In addition, it provides substantial relief at the strongest pressure points, such as the neck, shoulders and hip region. Airgocell™ foam is characterized by an extraordinarily velvety soft feeling of the surface and is soft to the touch.

Airgocell™ foam has an air percentage of ~50%. Its open celled structure is a result of prolonged curing periods that ensure superior cushioning and breathability.

Aeroflex™ offers unparalleled support and comfort that outdated open coil mattresses do not. The Emma Hybrid mattress typically has over 700-900 Aeroflex™ springs . Each spring is wrapped in breathable high-tensile fabric in order to ensure that the unit does not move as a whole but rather independently.

Our Aeroflex™ Spring sytem is ideal for couples who differ in weight as it ensures the mattress maintains its body support and structure instead of dipping or contouring as the other person moves.

We took memory foam and made it better. Compared to normal memory foam, the HALO™ foam always returns to its original shape. Expect consistent firmness from your mattress every night.

In addition, HALO™ provides superior comfort irrespective of the point pressure the mattress is subjected to. Its resiliency and durability ensure long term spinal health. This means that no matter what position you sleep in, HALO™ ensure that the mattress contours your body providing pressure relief.

Developed specifically for India, all HALO™ Memory Foam layers in the Emma Hybrid mattress are infused with Emma CoolGel™ granules. Due to their high thermal conductivity, they help to dissipate excess body heat; extending your deep sleep and enabling a sweat-free sleep experience, even during peak Indian summers.

Our consistent focus on sleep innovation and research has resulted in our mattresses winning over 78 Global Awards across 33 Countries

Award-winning Comfort

“Exceptional, It’s one of the highest-scoring mattresses we’ve tested in years!”

Which? Consumers’ Association, 2019

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