Time to Perfect Your Sleep Routine

Time to Perfect Your Sleep Routine

About a third of Americans don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis. Whether it’s due to stress, sleep debt or the likes, if you’re one of those people who just can’t seem to hit snooze, our Sleep Experts are here to help you with some tips and tricks to create a sleep routine that's as easy as 1-2-3!

What’s A Bedtime Routine?

Like any other routine, bedtime routines help our brains recognize when it’s time to sleep. Performing repetitive activities in the same order every night, creates habitual signals for your brain, registering  those activities as a precursor to sleep.  Bedtime routines also play an important role in reducing late-night stress and anxiety, by connecting your mind and habits to your body’s natural rhythm. For adults, bedtime routines are the best way to separate a day’s work from a good night’s rest, subsequently clear the mind of external stressors and readies the body for sleep. 

What Is A Good Bedtime Routine For Adults

We’ve rounded up five bed habits you can easily incorporate at night to ease your sleeping process, are you ready?

  • Pick A Time To Sleep. Deciding on a strict bedtime to regulate your sleep-wake cycle trains your brain to naturally feel tired when it’s bedtime. We suggest deciding what time you want to sleep and wake up first,, as these are the most immediate and essential parts of your sleep process. Once you’ve made it a routine, then you can schedule a time to begin your bedtime routine at least two hours to thirty minutes prior. 

  • Make Time for Tea Time. Try  bedtime herbal teas that are decaffeinated like jasmine or chamomile to calm the mind and induce sleep. Having a light drink before bed can calm the stomach – Just make sure to use the restroom before bed!

  • Try A Warm Bath. Research suggests that taking a warm bath helps mimic that nighttime drop in body temperature, triggering a sleepy reaction in the body. Consider taking a warm bath about an hour before you go to sleep to create a sensation that makes you feel tired and relaxed as your body cools down. 

  • Listen To Relaxing Music. Around 2/3rds of people believe listening to music helps them sleep better, so long as the music relaxes them. Close your eyes, listen to the music, and let it distract you from your worries and calm you down.

  • Decorate Your Bedroom. Transform your bedroom into a sleep oasis so your body and mind can relax with no worry. Whether it’s your mattress, softer pillows, comfy covers,  you have to look forward to sleeping in your bed. At emma-sleep.com we can help you there, and we’re on sale! Check out our Independence Day promos here

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